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Live Life. Be Active.

Dr. Nicole Heilsberg D.C. became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006 and graduated from Moscow School of Massage.  She then went on to do the majority of her undergraduate studies at Washington State University. While there, she had the privilege of working with students, faculty, and student athletes.  In 2010 she finished her degree at Parker University in Dallas, TX and received her B.S. in Health and Wellness.  

In 2014, she completed her Doctorate at Parker University making her a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Her internship throughout the program gave her the opportunity to work with elite athletes of various ages from sports such as hockey, ice skating, gymnastics, track, volleyball, football, soccer and basketball.  She has worked with a Division 1 Swim Team and several USA Ironman participants and marathon elitists.  

In her doctorate training, she took several courses for nutrition counseling and received her personal training and group fitness certifications.  She also has training in rehabilitation and sport taping.  Dr. Heilsberg has a passion for health and fitness and leads an active lifestyle.  Fitness and nutrition are two helpful components to treating patients and preparing them to live life and be active!